John C. Paolillo

Associate Professor, Informatics and Computing

Adjunct Associate Professor, Linguistics

I am an associate professor in the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing in Bloomington, Indiana, where I have been since the founding of the School of Informatics in the year 2000. Administratively, I am a member of the Informatics Division, which is part of the Department of Informatics and Computer Science, along with the Division of Computer Science.

My disciplinary background is in linguistics, including formal linguistics, sociolinguistics and computational linguistics. I specialize in the application of statistical models and methods to human-human interaction via computer media, including computer-mediated communication (CMC), games, etc. I contribute regularly to the field of variationist sociolinguistics, through publishing and reviewing. I am most interested in whether socially meaningful generalizations may be obtained through observation of exchanges and uses of information in large-scale ecologies. For more detailed information on my various research projects, please see my Research pages.

CV at-a-glance

Education Ph.D. Linguistics, Stanford University, 1992
B.A. Linguistics, Cornell University, 1986
Rank & Affiliation Associate Professor Information Science, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University
Associate Professor, Informatics, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University
Adjunct Associate Professor, Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, Indiana University