This site contains my professional home pages. It is currently being reconstructed after a long hiatus. For that reason some information may be out of date for the time being. Please bear with me while I update the contents of the site.

This site is powered by PmWiki, a PHP application for creating readily editable collections of web-pages. This installation uses TriadSkin, a CSS-based formatting "skin" for PmWiki, intended to be XHTML -compatible.


  • Left SideBar for top-level navigation
  • Right Sidebar for related pages navigation (two kinds). Also contains formatting for
    • Changing text size
    • Changing page layout options (especially widths)
    • Changing color stylesheets
  • Show/Hide buttons on top of each sidebar
  • Top-bar navigation (redundant with left sidebar)
  • Site search available on each page
  • Buttons for back-links, group pages list and printable version on the bottom of each page

Kudos to the developers of PmWiki and Triad Skin for these features.