Below are some links that I find more or less useful.

  • Professional Organizations.
  • Programming Languages
    • R-project. R is a statistical programming language and environment. It is based on S, a similar language/environment developed at AT&T/Bell Labs in the 1980's. These days, most new statistical computing techniques are implemented in R before other environments. The reason for this is that R has excellent programming constructs for statistical computation while keeping a familiar (to most) C-like syntax, its extensive libraries and built-in functions for most current statistical models, and its friendly open-source license (GPL)
    • SWI-Prolog. Jan Wielemaker's excellent Prolog environment has some of the best Semantic Web support of any platform in any language, with RDF/XML/HTML/SGML parsing, full support for a variety of web-based deployments, code compilation, database integration and more. There are many tasks I am hard-pressed to find a better way to accomplish
    • PHP. It's hard to beat PHP for programmed hypertext processing. No I am not a Perl person
    • The Icon Programming Language. Even though Icon development is more-or-less frozen, I would much rather program in Icon than most other languages, including some of those above
  • Other Tools
    • Pajek. Pajek is a menu-driven Windows program for drawing network diagrams. While I prefer to use other programs for this purpose (especially R), I use Pajek for teaching when students cannot be expected to work under a command-line environment
    • GLMStat. GLMStat is a Mac-only program for running Generalized Linear Models, authored by K.J. Beath. For those who don't care for the command-line environment of R (you want menus and a spreadsheet), GLMStat is an extremely good, low-cost alternative to SPSS, SAS and other programs, which has very good reporting, the ability to create flexible diagnostic plots, and an extremely pleasant workflow. Being used to spreadsheet editing in MS Excel, I do not normally use the spreadsheed editor when I use GLMStat. Import/export to text is good enough to make this not a problem

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